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    "João will succeed to offer a glimpse of this oasis to every person who hears it."

    Sara Miguel

    When I wrote “And so it is” I was happy with the result. In the studio, the song could not get better. To my happiness the voice recording sessions coincided with the passage of Sara Miguel around here and her recording with me made it even more special.

    Conversations around the table, laughing ’till we lost control, thinking about life – the song came from a night among friends who stayed in my memory.

    “When João told me he was going to make a record I was very happy – I had thought for a long while it was time for him to offer the world the music he had within him. When he said that our time with friends in Terceira Island – namely that first new year’s eve – had been the biggest inspiration and the ‘trigger’ for the album material I was even happier – in a way, it made perfect sense to me that someone made art from everything we had discovered in Terceira island in the middle of the ocean.

    Upon hearing the single ‘And so it is’ and absorbing every sentence of the lyrics it was as if I went back in time – back to listening, seeing, smelling and feeling all the little things and all the people of those first experiences on the island. The single’s message resounded strongly in me once again: it is in the simplest moments, in the most natural companies and the most relaxed states of mind that we find our peace, our sense, our place, wherever we are in the world. What Terceira taught us was just that, to seek once more our essence and to feel the satisfaction with this simplicity. And sometimes to achieve that all it takes is a group of friends around a table – zero expectations and a thousand possibilities.

    I think this is the leitmotif of the entire album, that discovery of one’s self and its deeper being, and the arrival at a place of peace within the small island that is each one of us. And that’s what João will succeed in achieving with this work – to offer a glimpse of this oasis to every person who hears it.”

    – Sara Miguel

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    15 May

    Posted by: João Belchior | Uncategorized

    Getting Ready

    Hello everyone John and his Band of Friends will present “And So it Is…” live this Summer. Lots of fun, rehearsals and good music already on the way 🙂 John is thinkin about some classic “covers”. Some of his favorites…to suprise the audience. Check out the Facebook page – Dates will be announced soon Cheers!

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    28 November

    Posted by: João Belchior | Music

    And So It Is…

    Well, here is our website. Hope you like this little space for me and my friends. You’re welcome to leave comments, critics… know. Hope to see you soon somewhere, out there. Cheers João

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